Strategi Keluarga Miskin dalam Mengatasi Kemiskinan

Tyas Eko Raharjo
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This research is a study on the method of poor family home industry workers to fulfill their families needs. Informants in this research are home industry workers. Data are gathered through interview, observation, and documental analysis. Data are analyzed through qualitative-descriptive technique. The research findings are that the poor family strategy is a method to fulfill the needs of physical, psychological, and social. The physical need is fulfilled by saving and using local material, and social resources such as working hand-in-hand (gotong royong). Psychological need is fulfilled by going for recreation, meeting together with families, and finding additional work to be acknowledged by people around them, and expressing their ideas in the neighbor meeting. Social need is fulfilled by participating in communal activities, such as arisan, family welfare activity, and working hand-in-hand (gotong royong). Can be concluded that with simple strategy poor families are able to overcome their poverty themselves. It is recommended that the Ministry of Social Affairs should prompt local related institutions to guide poor families to benefit potential resources around their existence.


overcoming strategy;poor families;home industry

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