Journal History

Sosio Koncepsia: Jurnal Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesejahteraan Sosial presents scientific essays in the form of the results of field research on social welfare. Publish three times the April, August and December periods. Starting issue Vol. 1 No. September 1 - December 2011, was a continuation of the "Journal of Social Welfare Research and Development" which was first published in Volume 1 No. January 1, 1995 to Volume 16 No. 2 May - August 2011. Starting from edition V ol 5 No.2 January - April 2016 Sosio Konsepsia  uses the Open Journal System (OJS). The authors who will submit the manuscript to be published in Sosio Konsepsia will send the manuscript through the Open Journal System (OJS): published by the Center for Research and Development of Social Welfare of the Education Agency, Research and Social Extention, Ministry of Social Affairs Republic of Indonesia